Off-Grid Hybrid Inverter Axpert MKS 4000VA/3200W, 230VAC 50 Hz, Max PV Array Power 4000W, MPPT Charging Current 80A, MPPT operating voltage 60V-115VDC, Battery Voltage 48V. Parallel operation with up to 6 units, needs parallel kit

Hybrid inverters
Maximum Input DC Power, W 3000
DC Input Voltage Range, V 55 - 145
DC Input MPPT Voltage Range, V 60 - 115
Number of MPP Trackers 1
Maximum DC Input Current, A 80
Nominal AC Output Power, W 4000VA/3200W
Surge Power, W 8000
Grid Voltage/Frequency, V/Hz 230 / 50
Battery Voltage, V 48
Maximum Solar Charge Current, A 80
Maximum Grid Charge Current, A 60
Maximum Charge Current, A 140
Maximal Inverter Efficiency, % 93
Communication Interface Optional: SNMP, Modbus
Dimensions W x H x D, mm 295 x 468 x 120
Weight, kg 11
Degree of Protection, IP 20

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Voltronic Axpert MKS 4K

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