Small, Hybrid Solar System for home use. Includes:

6 PV polycrystalline 250 Wp modules

1 Hybrid 3 kVA/2,4 kW inverter Voltronic KS 3k-24

2 AGM 12 V/100 Batteries Sunlight SPb 12-150

1 DC Distribution Box

1 AC Distribution Box

3 Alluminium mounting rails x 5,1 m

12 Alluminium End clamps

6 Alluminium middle clamps

12 Steel Roof hooks

Set of Fasteners

50 m Solar Cable 6 mm2

4 m Battery patch cords

System can be expanded. Please, contact us!

Complete systems
Output power, kW 3 kVA/2,4 W
Output voltage, V 230 V/50 Hz
Output current, A 10
Maximum Input PV Power, kWp 1,5
DC Input voltage range, V 30 - 50
Maximum DC Input Current, A 50
Battery Voltage, V 24
Maximal Battery Current, A 100
Battery capacity, kWh 3,6
Usable battery capacity, kWh 1,8
Yearly produced energy, kWh 1200
Battery Technology VRLA
Functions: Multifunction dry contact relay, възможност за наблюдение с компютър
Warranty 2 years
Weight, kg 430

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Photonenergy Home2.4PWM

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